Franck Ribery to Announce Retirement This Week - Franck Ribery's time in football will not be long. The player who has stepped on 39 years is planning to retire this week. Physical condition that continues to decline is the biggest factor that makes him hang up his shoes.

Salernitana became the last club to be defended by the former Bayern Munich player. He joined Salernitana when his contract with Fiorentina expired at the end of the 2020/2021 season.

His performances at the last two clubs are clearly far from the peak of his glory. In total, he has only scored five goals in the last three years.

Besides, Ribery couldn't lie with his age either. During his time with Fiorentina, he often had problems with injuries. His condition worsened when he joined Salernitana.

More Frequent Injury

Ribery, who joined Salernitana at the start of the 2021/2022 season, only played 25 times. This is far less than the total number of games played in a season and a half.

The problem wasn't that Ribery couldn't compete with the younger players. The problem is, he gets injured more often.

By the time he was about to announce his retirement, Ribery had been out for two months. Reporting from the Transfermarkt page, Ribery spent a total of 136 days just to recover from his injury.

Week 11

According to a report from Corriere della Sera, Ribery is aware of his condition and will take further steps soon. Ribery will announce his retirement in the 11th week of the Italian League.

The plan, Ribery will announce it on the sidelines of the match between Salernitana against Spezia at Danielle Chiffi, Saturday (22/10//2022) night WIB.

Although still reportedly injured, the same report states that Ribery will play his last match. Whether at the beginning or the end of the game, Ribery will announce the important decision.

Still at Salernitana

The owner of the club Salernitana, Daniele Iervoli has decided to give a new role for Ribery. So he will stay with Salernitana after retirement.

However, what role he played is not yet known. Ribery and Iervoli will discuss it further.

Source: Corriere della Sera 

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