Pogba and Chiesa Called to Play Immediately, Allegri Furious: Don't Dream, Come on!

49erssports.com - Massimiliano Allegri was furious when two of his players, Paul Pogba and Federico Chiesa, were said to be playing in the 10th week of the 2022/2023 Italian League against Empoli, Friday (10/21/2022) early morning hrs. He ensured that the two players would not be forced to play immediately.

Pogba and Chiesa have just recovered from injury. After not strengthening Juventus since the beginning of the season, the two seem to have been training with the team.

However, the two exercises are made separately. Chiesa has only attended two sessions with the team, the rest are separate. Meanwhile, Pogba, who is in worse condition, also does separate training sessions and trains less with the team.

Therefore, the media had assumed that both of them were ready to play in the 11th week of the 2022/2023 Italian League when Juventus faced Empoli, Friday (21/10/2022) early morning WIB.

Do not dream

When asked about the availability of the two players in the match, Allegri responded with a cynical sentence and tone. He doesn't like it when someone thinks that the two players will soon play.

“Chiesa has only participated in two training sessions with the team. Pogba has only trained briefly, and is separated from the team. So don't dream, there's no need to write about it," he said as quoted by Fotmob.

“They haven't even trained with the team yet, but you [journalists] wrote that after two days of training they were available? Fantasy is power and very beautiful indeed. The point is they won't play!"

Condition News

Allegri conveyed the current condition of the two. Chiesa is almost ready, but he needs to know about the player's freedom of movement. While Pogba still has to train intensively, before he can be tried in mini matches.

“Chiesa has made progress. Saturday morning there will be a friendly for Federico [Chiesa] to see how he moves on the pitch."

"Paul [Pogba] has had a few separate sessions from the team, but he still has four days to prepare for Tuesday's game. So I won't interrupt his recovery process temporarily," he added.

Want Everything Complete

Allegri explained that he did not want his squad to be complete again. He wanted it to happen, but that doesn't mean it was forced as quickly as possible.

"I, too, want all my players available, especially when I need to make substitutions," he said.

"With the squad we have, I think we will have a great game, so we will prepare well against Benfica."

Source: Fotmob

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