Piatek and Milik, 2 Polish Alternative Bombers To Avoid 'Lewandowski FC' at the 2022 World Cup

49erssports.com - The Polish national team will be one of the terrible dark horses at the 2022 World Cup. How not? Poland will be equipped with a world-class striker of the caliber of Robert Lewandowski.

In terms of scoring goals, Lewandowski's quality is unquestionable. The 34-year-old striker is still La Liga's top scorer with nine goals for Barcelona.

However, the quality of Poland is not only determined by the presence of Lewandowski. Because they still have the name of another striker who is no less deadly in attack.

Krzysztof Piatek and Arkadiusz Milik are two names that are ready to make Poland apart from the nickname Lewandowski FC. Moreover, the two strikers are being mainstays for their respective clubs.

Owned and alternative Piatek

Czeslaw Michniewicz knows very well the advantages of the Polish squad, which has many deadly strikers at the moment. The 52-year-old coach finally tried several times the scheme of two strikers in the Polish national team.

This means that one of Arkadiusz Milik and Krzysztof Piatek could accompany Lewandowski in Poland's attack. Using two pounders could be an alternative to increase the intensity of Poland's attack at the World Cup later.

In Poland's last match in the 2022 UEFA Nations League, Michniewicz used a 3-5-2 formation. Robert Lewandowski, who collaborated with Karol Swiderski on the front lines, was able to bring Poland to a narrow 1-0 win over Wales.

Previously Poland also used two strikers in a narrow defeat against Belgium in the same event. Michniewicz seems to want to maximize Poland's advantages in attack by using two strikers before the World Cup.

Star Players Apart from Lewandowski

Even though Robert Lewandowski has had a huge influence on the Polish national team, that doesn't mean he's the only important player there. Because Poland also still has several star names besides Lewandowski.

Some of them are mainstays for Serie A teams. Arkadiusz Milik and Krzysztof Piatek are two striker names who could become Lewandowski's duet partners.

In addition, there is still the name Piotr Zielinski who is able to bring Napoli to the top of the Serie A standings temporarily. There are still other top European names such as Wojciech Szczesny, Jan Bednarek, and Nicola Zalewski.

Polish Players On Fire

Robert Lewandowski is indeed on fire at Barcelona. But several other names are also in the same condition as Lewandowski. One of them is Arkadiusz Milik who has just played for Juventus this season.

Milik has now scored four goals for Juventus this season. Milik's presence has also often been a savior for some of Juventus' results so far.

Apart from Milik, Poland also still has Piotr Zielinski who is on fire with Napoli. Zielinski has scored a total of four goals and six assists for Napoli who are unbeaten so far.

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