Revealed, this is the reaction of the Man United dressing room when Cristiano Ronaldo 'runs away' - The Cristiano Ronaldo controversy has become one of Manchester United's biggest distractions in recent days. Ronaldo ran away from the team in the MU vs Tottenham match this week.

Thursday (20/10/2022), MU beat Tottenham 2-0 in a tough 90-minute duel at Old Trafford. This victory is important for the Red Devils who have had a hard time finding consistency in the last few games.

Unfortunately, the slick results were marred by Ronaldo's actions. Before the match ended, around the 89th minute, Ronaldo chose to enter the dressing room first.

Not only that, it was revealed that Ronaldo left Old Trafford early, so he didn't have time to talk to the team in the dressing room. Of course this action is considered disappointing.

Ronaldo should be the leader

Ronaldo's attitude and actions are considered disappointing. There is no denying his big name as the world's top footballer, but Ronaldo has tarnished the team's victories and displayed a rebellious attitude towards the coach.

Ronaldo seems to feel himself bigger than the club. He does have big ambitions, but nevertheless the 37-year-old must be aware of his position in the team.

The day after, Ronaldo already apologized on social media. He admitted that he could not control the emotions in the match.

However, Ten Hag had already taken a stand. He handed down the punishment for the Portuguese superstar. Ronaldo was not included in the Manchester United squad for the match against Chelsea.

United dressing room reaction

Recently, news emerged about the reaction of the MU dressing room when Ronaldo fled first in the match against Tottenham yesterday. According to Express, it turns out that the MU squad is not bothered at all, maybe even doesn't care.

Victory over the Spurs yesterday was too important. The players also put in one of their best performances of the season. So, the locker room is focused on celebrating the team's victory after the game.

In essence, there is no negative reaction from the MU dressing room regarding the loss of Ronaldo. They are too focused on celebrating their hard-earned victory.

Of course the reaction was in Ten Hag's favour. At the very least, the momentum and confidence of his team will continue to be maintained. 

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