The Facts Behind the Liverpool Sale by FSG - The surprise came from Premier League club Liverpool. The owners of the Reds, Fenway Sports Group (FSG) decided to sell the Reds.

"FSG has said previously that under the right terms and conditions, we will consider a new shareholder if it is in Liverpool's best interest as a club," FSG said in a statement.

Some fans are comfortable with FSG which has provided stability for the last dozen years. But there are also those who are frustrated with transfer policies that prioritize relatively low net spending.

This is why many Liverpool fans would welcome a sale to an individual or consortium with more ambition. According to many polls conducted on Twitter, some would even love to be owned by a Middle Eastern country, such as Manchester City, Newcastle United and PSG.

Here are the facts behind the sale of Liverpool by FSG.

Top 4 Most Valuable Clubs

During 12 years under the auspices of FSG, Liverpool transformed into the world's elite club.

According to Forbes, Liverpool is the fourth most valuable football club in the world, worth 4.45 billion USD, behind Real Madrid, Barcelona and Manchester United.

List of Liverpool's Titles Era FSG

2x EFL Cup

1x FA Cup

1x Super Cup

1x Club World Cup

1x Premier League

1x Champions League

1x Community Shield

5 Figures Associated As Buyers

Now a number of billionaire consortia are known to be interested in buying Liverpool, there is even the name Elon Musk.

Reporting from SunSport, there are five people with wealth who were able to acquire the Reds.

First Sir Jim Ratcliffe, Muhsin Bayrak, Billy Beane, Elon Musk, to LeBron James. 

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