BREAKINGNEWS! All Members of the Juventus Club Board Resign from Their Positions - An astonishing decision occurred within Juventus when the 2022 World Cup was still rolling. All members of the Juventus club board have confirmed their resignation from their positions.

Unmitigated, Andrea Agnelli as club president and Pavel Nedved who served as vice president of the club made sure to resign from their positions.

The resignation of members of the Juventus club board ended the era of Agnelli's leadership, which had lasted since 2010. Juventus are currently looking for a new club board composition.

During the search for new club board members, only one name will survive. He is Maurizio Arrivabene who serves as Managing Director.

Currently under investigation

A report from the BBC stated that the resignation of the Bianconeri officials could not be separated from the ongoing investigation process against Juventus. There have been allegations of financial mishandling within the club.

The policy covers player transfers between 2019 - 2021, providing false accounting information to investors, and creating non-existent transaction invoices.

The people involved and investigated were outgoing members of the club's board. Therefore, resignation is considered the best way out for Juventus while looking for new club board members.

Big Loss

Juventus itself recorded a huge loss last season. The total loss amounted to 254.3 million Euros.

That figure is claimed to be the biggest loss ever earned by an Italian club in history. Last season, Juventus finished fourth.

Source: BBC 

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