This former Liverpool supports the Reds to bring in Gakpo - Former Liverpool midfielder, Boudewinj Zenden, supports the Reds to bring in Cody Gakpo because he thinks he is suitable to play in the Premier League.

The name Gakpo began to be widely reported last summer. The reason is that he is being hunted by Manchester United.

The interest in the Dutchman is not surprising. Because in the last two seasons he has appeared impressive with PSV.

He is not only a source of goals but also a source of assists for the Eredivisie club. This season alone he has scored 13 goals and 17 assists in just 24 matches.

The Last Season of Gakpo on PSV

Manchester United almost signed him in the summer of 2022. But they eventually turned to other targets.

But reportedly Man United still intends to sign him. Then there was also news that Liverpool and Real Madrid were also interested in using his services.

According to Boudewijn Zenden, PSV Eindhoven will definitely find it difficult to maintain Gakpo this season. Moreover, the player performed well at the 2022 World Cup.

"I'm not sure if PSV can keep him after this World Cup in the winter transfer window, or if he will still finish [the season] at PSV and leave in the summer. But one thing is for sure, this will be his last season at PSV," he claimed via the Liverpool Echo.

Suitable To Play In The Premier League

Boudewijn Zenden then backed Liverpool to sign Cody Gakpo. The reason is that the player has good capital to be able to play in a competition at the level of the Premier League.

“He definitely has a bright future. He's strong, he can dribble, he doesn't back down from any situation," said Zenden.

"But of course, you have to realize that he is still a young player, he still has to develop. Can he do that? I think yes," he said.

"It makes sense to take the next step now at his age, to go and perform at another level. He will be a great addition to the Premier League," said Zenden.

Gakpo Destination Club

Cody Gakpo previously admitted that he was ready to move to a bigger club. Gakpo then revealed that there were five clubs that he said would suit him.

"I think at the end of this season I will be ready to take that step. I felt like it already at the start of this season, but after this season I am even more ready to take the next step. To take a step," he said.

“PSV has always been my dream club. I don't have one for the rest."

"Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, Manchester United, Manchester City and Liverpool. It is an honor to play there, but I also have to see what kind of team is best to achieve my goals," said Gakpo. ver film

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