2 Reasons VAR Could Have Mistaken Arkadiusz Milik's Goal: Leonardo Bonucci Onside 50 cm?

Controversy occurred in the Juventus vs Salernitana match on week 6 of Serie A 2022/2023, Monday (12/9/2022) early morning WIB. In the final minutes of the match, the referee and VAR annulled a Juventus goal scored by Arkadiusz Milik.

The Juventus vs Salernitana match at the Allianz Stadium was very exciting. Unexpectedly, Salernitana was two goals ahead in the first half. Their goals were scored by Antonio Candreva and Krzysztof Piatek.

Juventus then rose in the second half. Bremer scored in the 51st minute. Followed by Leonardo Bonucci's goal in the 90+3 minute. After that, there was Milik's goal which was unfortunately disallowed by the referee and Juventus had to settle for a 2-2 score.

Milik's goal was disallowed because Bonucci was deemed to be in an offside position and was involved in the game. This moment sparked controversy. Here are two analyzes that think Milik's goal should have passed.

Candreva Posisi position

Sky Sports Italia also made an analysis of the Bonucci offside case in the Juventus vs Salernitana duel. Sky Sports Italia reviews in detail the standing position of Antonio Candreva as the last man in the Salernitana camp.

Candreva is said to be 2.9 meters from the court line. Then, the position is compared with Bonucci. The Juventus captain was 3.42 meters from the field line.

That is, there is a difference between the standing position of Candreva and Bonucci. The Juventus captain was onside because he was 50 cm in front of Candreva. However, the referee and VAR ruled Bonucci offside.

For the record, VAR has a special algorithm to calculate the right camera angle to accurately determine the position of the player. Meanwhile, Sky Sports Italia does not have it. To DAZN, Lega Serie A confirmed that Bonucci's offside decision had considered Candreva's position.

Helpless Goalkeeper

Milik's goal being disallowed was indeed a lively debate. Because, this goal was created at a crucial and decisive moment. Moreover, the position of Candreva and Bonucci as related people is very thin.

Former Serie A referee, Luca Marelli, has an interesting opinion about the case of Milik's goal. Luca Marelli does not see the debate over the position of Bonucci and Candreva as the last man of the two teams.

Marelli saw Bonucci's movement not having a big impact. According to Marelli, even when Bonucci touched the ball, the Salernitana keeper would not do much to parry a header from Milik.

So, Marelli assessed that Bonucci who did not touch the ball could not be considered involved in the game. However, the referee and VAR must have their own considerations. So it's a matter of interpretation from the referee and VAR.

Salernitana Coach Says

Davide Nicola, the coach of Salernitana, feels the VAR decision was right in the case of Milik's goal. Instead, said Nicola, what happened in the duel Juventus vs Salernitana shows that football has credibility.

"We are very satisfied with the performance we put in and it would be very disappointing to leave empty-handed. VAR proves this sport has credibility," Nicola was quoted as saying by DAZN.

"The offside player (Bonucci) tries to get the ball, he interferes with the game," Nicola said.

Sources: Football Italia, Sky Sports Italia, DAZN

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