Simone Inzaghi's chances of being sacked are very slim, the vice president of Inter Milan still has full confidence - Inter Milan manager Simone Inzaghi recently began to doubt his ability to manage the team. Despite poor results and fan pressure, Inter Milan vice president Javier Zanetti has complete faith in the manager.

Inter have languished in the last five games. Only two matches can be won with wins, while the other three matches end in defeat.

The defeat also seemed engraved clearly that Inter could not compete against big teams and dark horses. Inter lost 2-3 to AC Milan and 1-3 to Udinese in the Italian League. Then, Inter lost 0-2 to Bayern Munich in the Champions League.

However, these poor results did not shake Zanetti's confidence in the figure of Inzaghi. The idea of ​​a sacking as echoed by the Inter fans is highly unlikely.

Full Trust

Zanetti said that the assessment of just one figure from a series of bad results was never done. This refers to the performance of Inzaghi who is still fully trusted by the vice president of the club.

Zanetti can now provide continued confidence because the whole group is on the same track. All players and coaches are still in the same ambition.

“There has always been faith in Inzaghi. There is a group that has clear goals and we are all heading in the same direction," he told TMW.

Have Strength

When asked how the team would get things back on track, Zanetti said that keeping in mind their own strengths. By believing in their own strength, Inter is believed to be more resilient.

“We bounced back realizing our strengths. We have to be a tough and humble team," he said.

"Then it will depend on our ability to be protagonists because I believe we have the conditions to be able to do so."


Zanetti's trust in Inzaghi will be proven in the upcoming matches. Incidentally, Inter will have three tough matches waiting.

Right after the international break ends, Inter will meet AS Roma who are on the rise with Jose Mourinho.

The next game switches to the Champions League, Inter will meet Barcelona twice.

Source: TMW 

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