'Thank God Not All Players See Salary', Toni Kroos Insinuates Casemiro Who Moved To MU?


Toni Kroos recently made an interesting statement about the financial differences between Premier League and other league clubs. Kroos says English clubs can pay high salaries, but it is difficult to win in Europe.

Premier League clubs showed their financial strength in the early transfer market of the 2022/2023 season. They spend a lot of money to be able to bring in new players.

Nottingham Forest made a big splash. Status as a promoted club, Nottingham brought in many players and spent more than 100 million euros. West Ham also did the same.

Not only buying players at high prices, English clubs also offer high salaries to their players. One of the cases occurred in the Casemiro case. Let's see the full review below, Bolaneters.

Money, Not Titles!
Toni Kroos made comments regarding the economic gap between Premier League clubs and other leagues. According to Kroos, English clubs have more money. However, not all players are interested in that factor.

"The Premier League has not won an international title this year," said Kroos, quoted by Marca.

"Television rights money has been significantly bigger in England over the years. However, it has not been able to result in an English team winning everything. Thankfully not all players only look at salaries but also titles," he continued.

Kroos' statement is correct about broadcasting rights money. There was also no English team that won at the European level in the 2021/2022 season. However, there was Liverpool who advanced to the Champions League final. There is also Chelsea, who won the Champions League in the 2020/2021 season.

Casemiro sarcasm?

Toni Kroos' statement was then linked to Casemiro's move from Real Madrid. Casemiro chose to accept the proposal of Manchester United, where he earned a salary that was much larger than what United earned.

Casemiro has already given a statement about the salary. According to the Brazilian, if what you see is money, then he has left Real Madrid a long time ago.

"I'm not that kind of person. If I was really looking for money, I would have left this club [Real Madrid] four or five years ago. Why did I leave? I felt that my time at this club was running out, so I had to leave, " he said.

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