Antonio Conte Praises for Cristiano Ronaldo: He Is Phenomenal! - Antonio Conte gave a compliment to Cristiano Ronaldo ahead of the Manchester United vs Tottenham duel. He considered the Portuguese striker to be a truly extraordinary player even though he was not young anymore.

Tottenham are scheduled to travel to Old Trafford in the middle of this week. They will challenge Manchester United in week 12 of the 2022/23 EPL.

In this match Manchester United will most likely still rely on Cristiano Ronaldo in their attack line. This is because United's striker stock is thin so Ronaldo will spearhead the Red Devils in this match.

Conte himself admitted that he was very impressed with Ronaldo. He considered the veteran striker to be given special attention ahead of this match.

Check out Conte's full comments on Ronaldo below.

Become a Differentiator

Conte does not agree with the assumption that Ronaldo is finished. He considered the aging striker could still be a differentiator for MU even though he was not young anymore.

"We are currently talking about Cristiano Ronaldo. He is such an extraordinary player, he is really a top player," Conte said, quoted by the Manchester Evening News.

"We are talking about a player who always makes the difference at any club he plays for," Conte continued.

Can't Be Underestimated

Conte also emphasized that Ronaldo still has to be wary of even though his age is no longer in his prime.

He said that Ronaldo has consistently proven he can make a big impact, so Conte wants Tottenham to be wary of the striker.

"Cristiano and Messi, they have made a lot of history in the world of football in the last 10 to 15 years. So he cannot be underestimated," he added.

Failed to Win

Manchester United itself is determined to secure full points against Tottenham. Because they just dropped points last weekend.

They were forced to draw with the score 0-0 against Newcastle.

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